Not True: Woman Making Purses From Cats

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A false “breaking news” story circulating on social media tells of an elderly woman who was arrested for making purses out of her neighbor’s cats.

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Bogus News

The false story claims that a 91-year old woman from Grand Haven, Michigan was arrested after it was discovered that she had produced purses using the carcasses of 19 neighborhood cats. The woman, the story states, skinned and cured the animals to create the fashion accessories.

The phony article was published on October 2015 by Now8News, one of many fake news websites to crop up over the past 18 months. These sites specialize in outrageous false headlines which are presumably geared toward generating traffic and revenue. They are the modern equivalent of grocery store tabloids which sold millions of copies with outlandish fake articles.


The story which claims that an elderly woman was arrested for creating purses fro her neighbors’ cats is not true. It was published by a fake news site.

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