A Viking Ship Was Not Discovered Near the Mississippi River

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Two weeks ago, it was announced that the remains of an ancient viking ship were discovered on the shores of the Mississippi river. The report is not true.

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 World News Daily Report is a Fake News Site

On August 13th of 2014, an article appeared on World News Daily Report claiming that the remains of a timeworn viking ship were uncovered from the mud of the banks off the Mississippi river. The feature goes on to describe how a team of archeologists from the University of Memphis began to excavate the ship and carbon dated its age as being from 990-1050 AD. This account is completely false and nothing like this ever occurred.

There is speculation and some proof that vikings visited the North America centuries before Christopher Columbus, yet no remains of viking ships have ever been discovered in America.

Despite the fact that the World News Daily Report website contains a disclaimer advising readers that is a satirical publication that publishes fake news, the viking ship yarn persists in being shared as a serious story by some social media users. The comments section for the article contains many arguments between commenters debating various unrelated and irrelevant themes, yet not many people are stating the most important fact that the story is false.


An old viking ship was not found on the banks of the Mississippi. The piece suggesting this information has been invented by a website that acknowledges that it creates phoney news stories.

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