Hoax: Tomb of Genghis Khan Found in Mongolia

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A fake article circulating claims that the tomb of Genghis Khan has been located in Mongolia by archaeologists. This story comes from a satire site.

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This counterfeit archaeological story has been published by World News Daily Report. The fabricated editorial claims that construction workers exposed an ancient tomb while building a road in Mongolia. When scientists from the University of Beijing where called in, it was determined that the tomb was that of legendary Mongol leader Genghis Khan. Much of the fictional write-up is spent describing the contents of the tomb. Some history of the Mongol Empire is also provided.

Although archaeologists discovered the palace of Genghis Khan in 2006, and his tomb was thought to be nearby, it has never been located.

Photos Debunked

Wold News Daily Report often reuses pictures taken from the internet for their hoaxed stories. The following is a debunking of two pictures attached to the article.

  • The picture of the skeleton covered in what looks like gold coins has been widely used on the internet. It is actually from a 2013 archaeological find of a Sarmatian burial mound in Russia.
  • The second picture attached to the article is actually from what is known as the “Ridgeway Hill Viking Burial Pit”. The pit was discovered near Weymouth, Dorset, England in 2009, and is believed to be the work of Anglo Saxons who executed a group of over 50 vikings sometime between 910-1030 AD.

World News Daily Report

At the top of every World News Daily Report page there is a ‘Disclaimer’ link. Following this link provides an explanation to visitors that the site is satirical, and the page contains the following quote, “All news articles contained within worldnewsdailyreport.com are fiction, and presumably fake news”.

Seemingly, many people miss this disclaimer when sharing links to their headlines on social media. The results can be a potentially viral meme, a fake article fooling millions of people. All the while, the satire site brings in traffic and cash from ad clicks.

Bottom Line

The tomb of Genghis Khan has not been discovered by archaeologists in Mongolia. This is a fake historical/archaeological write-up from satire publication World News Daily Report.

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