Texas Town Has Not Been Quarantined After Family of Five Tests Positive for Ebola

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A fake article published earlier today claims that the small town of Purdon, Texas has been quarantined after a family had tested positive for Ebola.

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Fake News

This spurious piece is the latest attempt at viral fear mongering from National Report, an ill-famed satire site notorious for their fake news pieces. The false article claims that the small town of Purdon, Texas had been quarantined after a family of five had been diagnosed with the Ebola virus. It goes on to claim that the father of the family had apparently contracted Ebola on a business trip to Dallas (reported to be 70 miles away), and the rest of the family had subsequently caught the virus when the man did not seek medical attention. According to the fictional column, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had sealed off the town with road blocks.

To repeat, the write-up is phony.

Satirical Ebola Articles

Recently, Ebola has been a prominent topic for the mainstream news media. In turn, this makes it a favored topic for satire sites which intend on capitalizing on current newsworthy trends with fabricated news articles. At times, this involves scaremongering as a tactic for attracting traffic.

National Report

Imitation news articles originating from such websites as National Report have become profitable over the last two years. Oftentimes, such articles are transmitted through social media avenues by wide-eyed readers who appear to only glance at the headlines before passing them on to friends. Occasionally, such behavior results in viral memes.

In previous times, the National Report website had contained a disclaimer which let visitors know that their articles were fictional and intended as satirical entertainment. Of late, the disclaimer has been withdrawn or concealed from public visibility.


A small town in Texas has not been quarantined after a family of five tested positive for Ebola. The website which published this claim (National Report) has been recognized as a satirical website which produces artificial news.

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