A Teen Did Not Die Instantly From the Ice Bucket Challenge

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Yesterday it was reported that a teen died instantly when his neck was broken due to the ice bucket challenge. The article claiming this is fake.

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Huzlers is a Satirical, Fake News Outlet

Recently Huzlers reported that a teen in Chicago named Sergio Cardozo was killed instantly while doing the ice bucket challenge. The forged piece details how the weight of a trash bin full of water apparently broke his neck. A four second video supposedly depicting the event appears to have been created by children or teenagers. Both the video and the the story are false creations.

The ice bucket challenge has recently become a viral phenomenon, and at least two deaths have been linked to the experience. However, these deaths appear to be indirectly linked to the challenge. One of these tragic deaths was an 18 year-old Scottish teen named Cameron Lancaster whom drowned in a flooded quarry. His death was rumored to be related to the ice bucket challenge. Another man reportedly died of a heart attack after doing the ice bucket challenge and subsequently drinking a considerable quantity of bourbon.  Although these stories appear to be authentic, the composition regarding the teen who died instantly from a broken neck is not.

Huzlers is an unreliable news site that admits to producing satirical writings that are not meant to be taken seriously. At the bottom of their website, there is an ‘About Us’ disclaimer that states the site “…is a combination of real shocking news and satire news to keep its visitors in a state of disbelief.” They appear to partially specialize in death hoaxes of lower-tier social media “celebrities”, and it would be wise to be skeptical of any of their news.


A Chicago teen did not die instantly from a broken neck due to the ice bucket challenge. The story and video which appear to depict this event have been staged and are not real.

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