Fake News: Teen Calls 911 Asking “Where the Hoes At?”

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A humorous “news” story claims that a Chicago teen was arrested after calling 911 and asking “Where the hoes at?”

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Fake News

The story, although humorous, is completely false. It was published by the lowbrow “satire” website Huzlers.

In the false news report we read that an 18 year old called 911 asking “Where the hoes at” and insisted to dispatchers that it was an emergency because he was in need of sexual favors.

Huzlers describes itself as “the most notorious urban satirical entertainment website in the world” and posts shocking headlines apparently meant to gain quick social media shares by those who don’t research the source.

The photo used in the fake story was pulled from a 2014 news report in Florida. The man’s name in the photo is actually Ryan Joseph.


The story that claims a Chicago teen was arrested for calling 911 comes from a “satire” website that publishes fictional content. It’s simply not true.

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