Debunked: Ted Cruz Wants Vets to Sell Cookies

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A false report this week claims that Senator Ted Cruz suggested that military veterans should sell cookies to raise funds to offset proposed tax cuts that would affect the Department of Veteran Affairs.

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Fake News

This bogus report was published by the notorious satire site National Report. The phone write-up states that Cruz borrowed the idea for creative fund raising from the Girl Scouts. The false story claims that the remarks were made at a town hall event in Des Moines, Iowa.

The story has received heavy social media sharing, likely due to its shocking headline and a lack of fact checking by readers who share it as a knee-jerk reaction.

National Report

National Report is a known satire site. At one time in the past, the site displayed a disclaimer which warned people of this, but the disclaimer has since been removed from visibility, and is now likely buried on a page devoted to site legal issues. The only visible disclaimer on the site at this time claims that it is not intended for those under age 18.


Ted Cruz did not suggest that military veterans should sell cookies. This story was published by the fake news website National Report, which is known to produce false and outrageous stories for their shock factor.

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