Fake News: Target to Stop Selling Bible

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A fake news story claims that Target will stop selling the Holy Bible in the wake of the retailer’s stance on transgender bathrooms.

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Bad Satire

The bogus story is published by National Report, a popular website which produces false news in the name of satire.

In the fake story we read that Target CEO Brian Cornell announced the new policy to stop selling the Bible after religious groups complained about the company’s transgender-friendly bathroom policy.

Fictitious quotes are included in the fabricated story which refers to “religious extremists” as the reason Target announced the new policy.

National Report

As noted above, National Report is a fake news site which publishes fictitious news stories which prompt knee-jerk sharing on social media. The site seems to focus on more on the conservative end of the political spectrum, as evidenced by photos of Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin in the website’s banner.


The report stating that Target will no longer sell the Holy Bible is false. It was produced by the website National Report which publishes fake news under the guise of satire.

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