Fake News: Starbucks Satanic Symbols on Cups?

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A fake news report claims that in addition to removing Christmas symbols from its cups, Starbucks has replaced them with a hidden satanic symbol.

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Fake News

The false report comes from the fake news site Now8News, which follows on the heels of such websites as Huzlers and NationalReport.net, which churn out low-brow fake news articles in hopes of achieving viral popularity.

In the current fake article, which was published in the wake of the Starbucks Christmas cup controversy, we read that Starbucks not only removed references to Christmas, but users found Satanic symbols such as a pentagram.

The fake news item appears to be inspired in part by another recent hoax in which In N Out Burger was accused – via a fake graphic – of including the phrase “Hail Satan” on the bottom of its cups.


Starbucks has not included satanic symbols on the bottom of its cups. That report comes from the fake news website Now8News, which is known to produce silly viral stories.

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