False News: North Carolina Rejecting $20 Bills

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A bogus report states that the state of North Carolina will no longer accept $20 bills in wake of the recent announcement that Harriet Tubman would appear on the new notes.

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North Carolina $20 Bill

The false report comes from well-known fake news site National Report. The content on National Report is posted in the name of satire, although it rarely reads as such. The story about the $20 bills in North Carolina states:

The North Carolina State Legislature has just passed a law that will ban the $20 bill from status as legal tender for any public or private debt. Governor Pat McCrory will allegedly sign the bill into law next week.

Fake sites like this have become ubiquitous over the past 2 years, as it is easy to generate fake, shocking news, and acquire a large number of shares and readers due to the outlandish nature of the posts.

National Report has occasionally included a disclaimer which states that the site is purely satire.

There have been no actual reports about the state of North Carolina rejecting the $20 after the announcement that Harriet Tubman would appear on the bill. That story, and virtually everything else on National Report, is not true.

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