Not True: Remains of New Humanoid Species Discovered

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A fake article circulating claims that archaeologists in Ireland have discovered the remains of a previously unknown species of humanoid.

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Not True

This fraudulent archeologically-themed column comes from World News Daily Report, a known satire site. The fictional article tells the tale of three Irish children who discover skeletal remains while playing outside. When a team of Irish archaeologists from University College Dublin are called in, they discover the remnants of three tiny skeletons of a previously unknown species of humanoid. Dubbed Homo minusculus, the unfamiliar species are said to have been hunter-gatherers dating to approximately 1145-1230 AD. In addition, the write-up claims that these tiny hominids could have been the actual basis for European legends about little people such as leprechauns, brownies, elves, and fairies.

While the remains of new species of ancient hominids are occasionally discovered, this particular story is untrue.


Almost all images attached to World News Daily Report articles are taken from the internet and reused in a fictional context.

The first picture associated with the article actually comes from a photo effects contest put on by The theme of the contest was “Archeological Anomalies”, and the picture won first place. It was entitled “Tiny Tim” and was created by a user known as mzpresto.

Reporting to be Professor Edward James McInnes, the final photo attached to the article is actually an archaeologist from the United States named Brent Woodfill. The photo was taken by journalists during a press conference in September of 2013. The original photograph and real information on it can be found here.

World News Daily Report

Visiting the ‘Disclaimer’ link at the top of the World News Daily Report website reveals that the site is a satire site which publishes fake news. One area of their site specializes in the release of false archeologically themed news and discoveries. Some of their past fake articles include claims that remains of the Trojan Horse were discovered in Turkey, the tomb of Genghis Khan had been found, and an ape man creature had been shot to death in Indonesia.

Bottom Line

A new species of humanoid has not been discovered by archaeologists in Ireland. The piece of writing which claims this comes from satire site World News Daily Report.

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