Fake Report: Petition for Rainbow US Flag

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A fake report circulating in July 2015 claims that a petition has been signed by 10,000 people hoping to change the U.S. flag to a rainbow color.

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Bad Satire

The phony story claims that, on the heels of the landmark Supreme Court decision which legalized gay marriage in all 50 states, a new petition has begun circulating which would change the U.S. flag to a rainbow theme.

The bogus story comes from the low-brow “entertainment” website NotAllowedTo.com, which produces fictional content.

Their story regarding the U.S. flag has been heavily shared online by those who did not stumble across the site’s “About Us” page which concedes that the site is in fact “for entertainment purposes only.”


The story that a petition to change the U.S. flag to a rainbow color is not true. The fake report comes from an “entertainment” site which publishes fictional news that, in this case, has been heavily circulated by those unaware that the source is invalid.

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