Fake Report: Sarah Palin calls “Norwegia” Alaska’s Sister City

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A false story claims that Sarah Palin has referred to “Norwegia” as Alaska’s Sister City.

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Fake News

The phony story comes from so-called “satire” website National Report. The fictional story claims that Palin wanted to revive the “Sister City” concept and dubbed “Norwegia” as the sibling city to Alaska.

False quotes are included in the bogus report, such as, “Norwegia is a region I have long wanted to visit…”

National Report

National Report is well-known for creating false news stories in the name of satire. These “satire” stories, however, rarely contain elements of humor, and frequently exploit fears or hot button topics with the presumed goal of gaining traffic.

A disclaimer is occasionally visible at times on the National Report website which informs readers that the site is devoted to satire. That disclaimer notes that the website is a “political satire web publication.”


Sarah Palin did not name “Norwegia” as the Sister City to Alaska. That report comes from the fake news website National Report.

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