Not True: Obama to Resign Jan. 1st Due to Benghazi Scandal

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Earlier today it was reported that President Obama would be resigning on Jan. 1st due to the release of new information on Benghazi. This story is not true.

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Not True

This article is yet another farce implemented by the National Report,  a website that produces bogus columns which are often devoid of satirical humor as to appear more like reasonable journalism. The article is just beginning to be publicized by way of person to person transfer on social media.

National Report alleges that incontrovertible evidence is emerging that members of Obama’s cabinet knew that the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, Libya would be attacked and purposely ordered security forces to abandon the facility. The articles goes on to claim that the evidence is damaging enough to cause President Obama to announce an upcoming resignation which will be effective on January 1st. Nonetheless, the story is completely false.

White House Cleared of Benghazi Offenses

There have been recent calls by major news outlets for President Obama’s resignation (for example, see here), yet the Obama administration was publicly cleared of misconduct in the Benghazi incident by the Select Committee on Benghazi and the  House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence in early August of this year. Since then, there has been no credible information released on the subject that warrants President Obama’s resignation, and this part of National Report’s chronology is false.


The news claiming that President Obama will resign on January 1st due to new disclosures in the Benghazi episode is not true. This commentary was written by the National Report, who are known to release satirical, fiction news stories which sometimes spawn into viral memes and attention from mass media.

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