Bogus News: Nancy Reagan’s Last Words Were Anti-Trump

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A phony news story has circulated since March 2016 in which Nancy Reagan’s dying words are quoted as, “Do not vote for Donald Trump.”

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Nancy Reagan’s Last Words

The fake “news” story comes from the satire website National Report. In the fictional story we read that a private nurse told reporters that the former first lady’s final words were “Do not vote for Donald Trump.”

National Report is known to product fake news stories which often inflame and prompt knee-jerk sharing by those unaware that it is not a legitimate news source. Many of its topics seem to target the right wing of the political spectrum, as evidenced by photos of Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin. Although National Report claims to produce such low-brow “journalism” in the name of satire, most readers don’t find it particularly funny or in good taste.

Nancy Reagan’s daughter Patti Davis gave an interview to Maria Shriver in March 2016, and offered insight into her mother’s final moments. Nancy was not thinking about Donald Trump, but her beloved husband Ronald Reagan who passed 12 years earlier.

“‘She told me once that she was not afraid to die, she said ‘I don’t want it to hurt but I’m not afraid to die, I’ll see Ronnie again’,” Davis said.


Nancy Reagan’s didn’t utter final her words prompting voters not to elect Donald Trump. That story comes from a known fake news website. Nancy’s last words were reportedly focused on Ronald Reagan.

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