Death Hoax: Miley Cyrus Not Found Dead

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A death hoax circulating online states that Miley Cyrus was found dead in her home.

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Death Hoax

The fake story comes from the website Now8News which has been known to produce shoddy, low-brow stories with outlandish headlines for the apparent reason of gaining social media likes and shares.

The fake story reports that Cyrus was found in a bathtub by her entourage and that investigators had not yet discovered the cause of death. It is completely untrue.

Now8News is one of many fake news website to pop up over the past year, producing shocking headlines which prompt knee-jerk sharing before most readers stop to research the source.


The report that claims Miley Cyrus was found dead in her bathtub is false. It was produced by the fake news website Now8News.

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