Satire: Michelle Obama Introduces Carrot-Dog School Lunch

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Early today it was reported that Michelle Obama introduced a healthy carrot-dog school lunch as part of the Let’s Move! initiative. This article is satire.

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The carrot-dog story was posted by The Daily Currant, a fictional news website which specializes in satirical stories. The write-up details the introduction of healthy “carrot-dog” school lunches as part of First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! program.

Let’s Move! is an actual government project initiated by Mrs. Obama which aspires to oppose childhood obesity and supply healthy food in schools. The real page for the plan can be viewed here. Though the project is genuine, the carrot-dog tale is obviously meant to be a satiric mockery.  Actually, the piece is somewhat entertaining, especially the descriptions of the lunches and the fantasy dialogue between Gov. Chris Christie and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

Some may distribute this anecdote as fact, yet it’s source and playful tone should alert everyone that it is a spoof.


Michelle Obama did not introduce a carrot-dog school lunch as part of the Let’s Move! proposal. Even though Mrs. Obama’s strategy really does exist, the carrot-dog narration is a work of parody presented by a site which issues fictitious news.

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