Debunked: Michael Jackson Alive in Canada

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A fake article from earlier this week claims that deceased megastar Michael Jackson is actually alive and living in Ontario, Canada under an assumed name.

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This bogus story was created by Empire News, a website known for producing fictional satire that is sometimes mistaken for real news. According to the fabricated write-up, Michael Jackson may have faked his own death to escape overwhelming legal issues, and implies that he may be quietly living near Lake Doré in Ontario, Canada. The fictitious piece goes on to say that he may be using the alias “Alain Pontifex”. At the time of this writing, a search for this name on Google returns only results from Empire News.

As evidence that Jackson currently resides in the area, the column lists a number of anecdotal bits of information gleaned from spurious hearsay. None of these observations constitute convincing confirmation that Michael Jackson is still alive and living in the area. Not to mention, they are entirely made-up.

2005 Michael Jackson Death Hoax

Empire News is not the first satire website to perpetrate a Michael Jackson death hoax. In 2005, satirical publication The Onion published a fictional story claiming that Michael Jackson had been murdered and his body had been discovered on the property of his Neverland Ranch. The article implies that a lookalike imposter had assumed Jackson’s identity.

Michael Jackson died at the age of 50 on June 25, 2009. The Onion article went viral in 2013 as unsuspecting social media users shared it.

Empire News

Empire News has been responsible for several recent fake news stories that have gone viral. Early this week, they falsely claimed a 6th season of Breaking Bad was being made. In early September, they perpetrated a Betty White death hoax and claimed that meteorologists had predicted record breaking snowfall this winter.

A careful search of the Empire News webpage will reveal the truth about their articles. On the bottom of each page there is an ‘About / Disclaimer’ link. This disclaimer page notifies readers that the site is a satirical outlet.


Michael Jackson is not living near Ontario, Canada under the name “Alain Pontifex”. A known satire entertainment website (Empire News) has written this fictional story.

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