Fake Story: McDonald’s Substituting Aborted Fetuses for Chicken

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A false “news” item this week claims that McDonald’s was found to be using aborted fetuses in place of chicken in Mobile, Alabama.

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Fake News

The bogus report originates from the fake news website Now8News.com, which

The phony story entitled, “Over 600 Aborted Fetuses Found In Storage Freezer Of Alabama McDonald’s – Restaurant Closed” claims that health inspectors in Mobile, Alabama found a local McDonald’s was using aborted fetuses in place of chicken used for chicken nuggets.

There is no truth to the story.


The fake and generic-looking Now8News website churns out false stories which seem to be aimed at high levels of social media sharing by readers who don’t realize the website is completely fake. Further proof that it is merely another attempt at fake news disguised as bad satire is the fact that the domain was only registered in July 2015, meaning it is only days old.

It also cites no sources.

Bottom Line

The story that a Mobile, Alabama McDonald’s has been caught using aborted fetuses in place of chicken is a fake report by a week-old website.

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