Satire: Jenny McCarthy’s Lemon Juice Ebola Cure

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Yesterday a satire article appeared which says Jenny McCarthy claimed lemon juice would cure Ebola on the Today Show. Of course, the story is fake satire.

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This bit of satire was issued by one of the more humorous satirical sites, the Daily Currant. The mock article states that Jenny McCarthy advocated drinking lemon juice as a cure for Ebola on a recent Today Show appearance.  In jest, the commentary refers to McCarthey as a “renowned medical expert” who cited her own blogs post as evidence that the cure worked.

Again, this piece of writing is satirical fiction.

Jenny McCarthy’s Unconventional Theories

Clearly, this feature is mocking some of the unconventional speculations that McCarthy has publicly espoused in the past. The Daily Currant makes this evident as they mention her convictions that autism may be partially caused by vaccinations.

Ebola Satire

With Ebola stories dominating mainstream news, a rash of fake Ebola articles emanating from several satire sites have recently gone viral. While some are undeniably satirical like the Daily Currant piece, articles for other sites lack humor and exploit fears on the virus. The end result is sometimes a fabricated write-up of viral “clickbait”. There is no doubt that some social media users will simply peek at the headline for the Jenny McCarthy story and pass  it along without ever realizing that it is satire.

The Daily Currant

If there are any doubts about the type of writing the Daily Currant distributes, all one has to do is consult the ‘About’ link at the bottom of their website. A paragraph on this page distinctly states that their articles are expected t0 be interpreted as satire and are entirely fictional.

Bottom Line

Jenny McCarthy did not claim that lemon juice cures Ebola. The article which made the claim comes from a satirical website called the Daily Currant which publishes exclusively fictitious material.  Surely, this piece of writing was poking fun at some of McCarthy’s unorthodox opinions.

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