Fake News: Civil War Bullets Found in 185 Year-Old Alligator

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A fake article circulating claims that hunters in Mississippi have found 9 Civil War bullets in the hide of a 185 year-old alligator.

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Fake News

This bogus article comes from World News Daily Report, an established satire site that publishes fake news. The fictitious story claims that hunters in Mississippi had slain a 910 pound alligator that was estimated to be 185 years-old. It is then claimed that nine Civil War era slugs dating from 1850-1870 were found in the beast’s hide.

Again, this is a concocted feature published by satire site World News Daily Report.


World News Daily Report often acquires photos for its fictional content from various real stories published on the internet.

For example, the main photograph attached to the fake article comes from an October, 2012 story reported by ABC. Four men in Mississippi caught a 697.5 pound alligator which measured 13 feet long. It took the men an hour and a half to reel in the creature, and it beat the prior record for heaviest alligator in Mississippi by 7 pounds.

The second photo, which shows a man holding a Civil War projectile, is actually from a Kansas City Public Media story published by KCUR 89.3 FM in March of 2014. In reality, the man holding the bullet is an archaeologist named Doug Shaver who had found two bullets dating back to the Civil War while excavating the yard of the Wornall House Homestead in Kansas City. The site is associated with the Civil War Battle of Westport.

World News Daily Report

At the top of every World News Daily Report page, there is a ‘Disclaimer’ link. Following this link leads readers to a clause which informs them that the site is satirical. A quote from the disclaimer clause reads, “All news articles contained within worldnewsdailyreport.com are fiction, and presumably fake news.”


Hunters have not found Civil War bullets in the hide of a 185 year-old alligator. The article claiming this is fictional, and has originated with satire site World News Daily Report.

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