Not True: Aaron Hernandez Suspended After Murder Conviction

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A fake news story claims that Aaron Hernandez was suspended by the NFL in the wake of his murder conviction.

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Bogus News

The story claims that the NFL suspended Hernandez for three games and fined him $10,000 after he was found guilty of first-degree murder in April 2015. There was, however, no such ruling – as the website on which this story was posted is a known source of bad satire: National Report.

Although the fake Hernandez story was published in April 2015, it began circulating again in May after the true report that Tom Brady’s was suspended as part of “Deflategate.”

National Report

National Report is a known satire site. At one time in the past, the site displayed a disclaimer which warned people of this, but the disclaimer has since been removed from visibility, and is now likely buried on a page devoted to site legal issues. The only visible disclaimer on the site at this time claims that it is not intended for those under age 18.


The NFL did not suspend Aaron Hernandez following his murder conviction in April 2015. That story was posted by the fake news website National Report.

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