Debunked: German Scientists Prove Life After Death

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Four days ago, an article appeared online claiming that German scientists had scientifically proven that life exists after death. This article is fiction.

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The above-mentioned article appeared on the World News Daily Report website. A disclaimer on the site states, “All news articles contained within are fiction, and presumably fake news”, yet the recount continues to disperse through Twitter.

The work of fiction, entitled “German Scientists Prove There is Life After Death”, testifies that a team of German scientists were able to prove there is life after death as part of a four year study which medically induced 18-20 minute near death experiences (NDE) among 944 volunteers. According to the article, the religious belief of the subjects appeared to have no influence on the NDE.

Near Death Experiences (NDEs)

I happen to have an interest in both science and NDEs, and I have studied the NDE phenomenon since the late 90s. It is true that many people of varying religions and cultures have reported NDEs with surprisingly identical elements, yet outside of collecting reports of these rare occurrences, there is no scientific proof of life after death. Scientific evidence requires the manipulation of predictable variables in order to  generate evidence for a theory. Near death experience is not a predictable variable… death and near death experience are unpredictable variables to manipulate, and not everyone who is revived after clinical death has a NDE. Furthermore, an experiment that induced clinical death would not be considered an ethical experiment, and would not be allowed by international ethics review committees whom authorize scientific experiments.

Many skeptics claim that NDEs are the result of drug hallucinations or natural chemical reactions released into the brain at the moment of death. A few scientists, such as Dr. Raymond Moody and Dr. Jeffrey Long, have written books on the matter after recording NDE reports from various people/patients.  Still, these collections of NDEs are not considered to be scientific proof of an afterlife.


The story that German scientists have proven the existence of life after death is fictional. It was reported by World News Daily Report, a satirical site which self-admits to writing entirely fictional news. Although near death experiences do seem to be reported by some people who have been clinically dead for a very short period of time (usually less than 3 minutes), there is no scientific proof of a life after death.

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