Fake Story: George R.R. Martin Not Rushed to Hospital

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A fake story circulating online claims that George R. R. Martin was taken to the hospital after “Game of Thrones” did not win an Emmy.

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Fake Story

The fake story was published by National Report, a website which produces fictional news articles in the name of satire. The false article states that Martin became “increasingly upset” after “Game of Thrones” failed to win an Emmy.

Other recent fake articles by National Report include a story about Edward Snowden leaving Russia, and the creation of a Facebook drug task force.

Not all readers realize the “satirical” nature of National Report, and often share the website’s outlandish stories in the belief that they are real.

George R.R. Martin

Despite the ominous tone of the fake story, Martin was spotted on August 26 performing the ALS ice bucket challenge, as seen in the YouTube video below. Martin laughs and howls as the ice water is dumped on his head, and he then hops into the swimming pool behind him.


George R. R. Martin was not rushed to the hospital after the “Game of Thrones” Emmy snub. He was last seen in good spirits performing the ALS ice bucket challenge, with no mention of any pressing health concerns. The story making the claim about Martin being rushed to the hospital is a website which publishes fake news.

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