Satire: Floyd Mayweather Challenges 50 Cent to Boxing Match

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Yesterday it was reported that Floyd Mayweather Jr. challenged 50 Cent to a boxing match for 12 million dollars on Twitter. The article is a fake piece of news.

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The article was posted by Huzlers, a site known for publishing satirical news stories that have little basis in reality. Often, the outlet concentrates on absurd death hoaxes of social media figures.

This latest story focuses on the public feud between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and 50 Cent. It is factual that the two were once allegedly friends, but have since had a falling out. Among legitimate news agencies, it has recently been reported that 50 Cent said he would donate $750,000 to charity if Mayweather could read one page of Harry Potter. The Huzlers story claims that Mayweather responded to this dispute on Twitter by challenging 50 Cent to a 12 round boxing match for 12 million dollars.

Huzlers acknowledges that they present fake stories that are meant to be satire. Their website disclaimer proclaiming this was removed briefly over the last 24 hours, but seems to have been reappeared today.


Floyd Mayweather Jr. did not respond to 50 Cent’s Harry Potter reading provocation by challenging him to a boxing match. The story claiming this is from a site known to put out satirical false news.

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