Fake News: Edward Snowden Did Not Leave Russia

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A report on August 26, 2014 claims that whistle-blower Edward Snowden has left Russia and is headed back to North Carolina. The article, however, is fake.

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Fake News

The false report comes from the website National Report. That site publishes fake news and satire which often fools readers into sharing due to outlandish headlines.

In this fictional story, we read that Mr. Snowden “begged” the White House to reinstate his passport, and President Obama acquiesced with “certain conditions.”

The fake story also quotes “Jacksonville Republican Thorn Titlis” who expressed disgust about Snowden’s return.

Snowden’s Whereabouts

A real interview with Edward Snowden was published this week by the website Here & Now. Journalist James Bamford interviewed Snowden, and reported that he was still living in Russia, where he has temporary asylum.


Whistleblower Edward Snowden did not leave Russia for his home in North Carolina. The report which published this assertion is the “satire” fake news website National Report. As of late August 2014, Snowden was still living in Russia under temporary asylum.

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