Fake Report: Dylann Roof Raped in Jail

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A fake news story claims that Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof was raped in his jail cell.

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Not News

The false story comes from the fake news (aka “satire”) website Newswatch33, which is known to publish tabloid-like stories with the presumed goal of gaining large amounts of social media shares.

In the fake story we read that Roof had been sexually assaulted by two prisoners and was found tied to the frame of his bunk bed.

Note that the story reports that Roof was raped in prison, while in reality he is still in jail.


Although a disclaimer on Newswatch33 states that “most of the events” covered on the site are “truthful,” finding real news articles are difficult to find on the website.  The disclaimer also notes that they take no responsibility for reliability or accuracy of their articles.

Dylann Roof: Solitary Cell

As of last report, Dylann Roof was alone in his high-risk jail cell with no ability to communicate or interact with others.


The story that Dylann Roof has been raped in his cell is false. It was reported by the bogus news website Newswatch33. Roof at last report was in an isolated cell, with no interaction of other inmates.

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