Satire: Delaware Town Allows Same-Sex Sibling Marriages

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Yesterday it was announced that a town in Delaware had passed a law allowing same-sex marriage among siblings. This assertion is blatant satire and untrue.

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Obvious Satire

The article in question is unabashed satire circulated by the National Report, a popular site which is known to publicize satirical news anecdotes.

In the feature, it is claimed that the town of Rehoboth Beach in Delaware had passed a law which will allow same-sex marriage to siblings and even pets beginning on October 1st. While it is true that the state of Delaware does recognize same-sex marriage, it is untrue that they allow marriage to pets or among siblings.  The following is a statement from the official government website of Delaware regarding its policies on, and approval of, same-sex marriage:

Delaware state law recognizes marriages between same-sex Delaware couples as legal relationships. In addition, persons of the same gender who are in legal unions (marriages, civil unions, domestic partnerships, etc.) established in other jurisdictions have the same rights, benefits, protections, and responsibilities as married persons under Delaware law.

Note that there is no mention of pet marriage or marriages to siblings. This addition by the National Report is obviously satirical.

While most of the new breed of satire is arguably not funny, this article is somewhat amusing.  Traditionally, satire is assumed to have humorous elements. When these comical principles are missing, the intent of the piece becomes more ambiguous which creates the potential for misinformation to be spread as authentic news.


Although the state of Delaware does permit same-sex marriage, they have not approved marriage to pets or among siblings. The article claiming this is satirical fiction.

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