Fake News: Casey Anthony Planned Parenthood Interview

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A fake article claims that Casey Anthony has broken her silence and given an interview in which she referred to Planned Parenthood as “baby killers.”

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Fake News

This bogus “interview” comes from satire-ish website National Report. The fabricated report asserts that Anthony held a phone interview with Brian Sparks of WPTV NBC5.

The phony story includes a hotly-shared “quote” by Anthony, which reads, “I could also see myself getting involved with something like CMP, putting baby killers like Planned Parenthood out of business for good.”

Casey Anthony

In the years since her 2011 acquittal for the murder of her daughter Caylee, Casey Anthony has remained out of the public eye. A report in June 2015 speculated that Anthony was preparing to sign a TV deal with NBC, which possibly served as inspiration for the phony article circulating in August 2015.

National Report

National Report is well-known for creating false news stories in the name of satire. These “satire” stories, however, rarely contain elements of humor, and frequently exploit fears or hot button topics with the presumed goal of gaining traffic.

A disclaimer is occasionally visible at times on the National Report website which informs readers that the site is devoted to satire. That disclaimer notes that the website is a “political satire web publication.”


Casey Anthony did not give a phone interview in which she referred to Planned Parenthood as “baby killers.” The false report was published by the fake news website National Report.

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