Not True: Carly Fiorina Outsourced Campaign to India

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A fake story claims Carly Fiorina outsourced her presidential campaign to India.

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Fake Report

The false report comes from the “satire” website National Report. The bogus article was first published in mid-2015, after Fiorina entered the Presidential race. The fake story circulated in earnest in April and May 2016 after Fiorina was tapped by Ted Cruz to be his running mate.

In the fake story, we read that the former Hewlett-Packard CEO was found to have outsourced “as much of the campaign as possible” to three companies located in India right after announcing her presidential bid.

As stated, however, the story is completely fake.

Trump Campaign Buys Story

In a bizarre twist to the story, Fiorina herself blasted Donald Trump’s campaign for tweeting the National Report story back in September 2015.

National Report

This website publishes false political stories, many of which seem to hit the political right of the spectrum, in order to garner quick social media sharing. The site has occasionally posted a disclaimer that its stories are satire, although that disclaimer is sometimes hard to find or not there at all.


The article that claims Carly Fiorina outsourced her presidential campaign to India is false. It was reported by the bogus “satire” site National Report which publishes outlandish political stories with no basis in reality.

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