California is Not Fining Ice Bucket Challenge Participants

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A popular article alleges that the state of California is fining ice bucket challenge participants for wasting water. This claim is untrue.

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The Daily Currant Posts Satirical Fiction

The above-mentioned editorial maintains that the state of California is imposing harsh fines ($500) on participants of the ice bucket challenge due to the wasting of water during a drought. The article proceeds to profess that the Department of Water and Power are monitoring Facebook along with police departments in efforts to locate people who have participated in the challenge.

This may sound like a realistic possibility, but the entire story is a work of fiction and is not true.

The Daily Currant is one of a dozen online fake news networks that have become popular in the last year and a half. In the ‘About’ section of The Daily Currant’s webpage, there is an admission that the newspaper composes satirical writings. On the same page there is a short FAQ section in which it us asked if the Currant’s stories are real. The answer is, “No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to real events happening in the world”.

Occasionally, an article produced by these sites circulates quickly through social media and people begin to miss the fact that these accounts are fictional. This is evidenced by many of the comments attached to such stories. Although some remarks attest to the actuality of the spoof, others look as if they have been truly fooled.


California is not fining participants of the ice bucket challenge. In its entirety, the narrative is a satirical fantasy.


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