Not True: Caitlyn Jenner “More Feminine” Than Serena Willliams

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A bogus report circulating online claims that Caitlyn Jenner has claimed to be more feminine than tennis star Serena Williams.

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False News

The fictional “news” story was published by fake news site TMZToday, which is an obvious attempt to fool readers that it is associated with the popular TMZ website.

The article claims that Jenner, after receiving the Arthur Ashe award was quoted as saying that she looked more feminine than tennis star Serena Williams.

The fact that nearly 200 comments were left on the article in its first two days is evidence that the pervasiveness of fake news is still widely seen.


A disclaimer buried at the bottom of this website admits that it is not actually reporting real news is a combination of real shocking news and satire news.

TMZToday is not associated with the real TMZ. The wording of its disclaimer indicates it may have been influenced by, or is related to, Huzlers which is another low-end fake news site.


Caitlyn Jenner did not state that she is more feminine than Serena Williams. The bogus story was published by the fake news site TMZToday.

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