Fake News: Bully 2 Not Announced

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A fake news report claims that the video game “Bully 2” has been announced for a 2016 release date.

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Bully 2

The fake story comes to us from Huzlers, a low-brow site which produces bland fictional news in the name of satire. In the current work of fiction, the site claims that “Bully 2: Senior Year” will be released 10 years after the original.


Huzlers is a website that distributes a tawdry and adolescent brand of satire. Occasionally, they post outrageous news stories that are actually real, but the majority of their output is fictional. At the bottom of their webpage is an ‘About Us’ heading that identifies them as a satirical site.


There has been talk of a Bully 2 over the years, such as this interview from 2013, in which one of the game’s co-founders still held onto hope that a sequel could be produced. Alas, no such announcement has yet been made.

The Bully Wiki also claims that a sequel “has not been officially announced.”


As of this writing, there has been no announcement of a Bully 2. The report claiming an October 2016 release date comes from a fake news site which simply fabricated the story.

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