No 6th Season of Breaking Bad

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Empire News and National Report have announced that a 6th season of Breaking Bad would begin production. Both are satirical websites and the story is false.

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Empire News Breaking Bad Hoax

On October 14 of 2014, “satirical entertainment” website Empire News proclaimed that a 6th season of Breaking Bad had been announced by AMC and producer Vince Gilligan. Promising unbelievable plot twists, the article contains a number of false quotations attributed to Gilligan and starring actor Bryan Cranston. The fake story claims the new season would begin filming in December.

A visit to the ‘About / Disclaimer’ link at the bottom of every Empire News page reveals that the site is intended as satire.

National Report 6th Season of Breaking Bad Hoax

Empire News is not the first satire website to capitalize on a viral story about a 6th season of Breaking Bad.

In late August, a viral article appeared on National Report claiming that Vince Gilligan, producer of Breaking Bad, had announced that a 6th season of the show would begin production in January of 2015. National Report is another satirical publication that produces fake news, and this story was also not true.

The National Report article contains supposed links to stories on CNN and MNBC, but following these links only takes one to the CNN and MNBC homepage… a frequently used ploy by the site in an apparent attempt to appear credible. These alleged stories do not exist, and there has been no official announcement that a 6th season of Breaking Bad will be made.

The National Report website originally contained a clause which identified it as fictitious satire, yet in the last several months this admission has either been moved or removed, and the site now claims to be “America’s #1 Independent News Source”.

Better Call Saul

AMC and Sony Pictures did order a spinoff prequel to Breaking Bad entitled Better Call Saul which focuses on Bob Odenkirk’s character (Saul Goodman). The new show is scheduled to premiere in January of 2015. National Report did slip one grain of truth into their article when they mentioned that Bryan Cranston recently remarked “never say never” in a recent CNN interview when asked if his Walter White character would ever make another appearance, yet the National Report and Empire News claims are still fabrications.


A 6th season of Breaking Bad has not been announced. Although it is true that a spinoff show entitled Better Call Saul will premiere in early 2015, false claims that there will be a 6th season of Breaking Bad have originated from satirical counterfeit news sites National Report and Empire News.

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