Fake News: AriZona Tea Found with Human Urine

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A story circulating in May 2015 claims that the FDA removed AriZona Tea from store shelves after finding human urine in the product.

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Fake Report

The phony report states that FDA inspectors found containers of human urine that were used to flavor the tea, comprising of 6% of the products’ formula.

This bogus report comes from the fake news website Huzlers, which has circulated a number of phony viral stories over the past year.

The phony story regarding AriZona tea has not been reported or confirmed by any legitimate news sources, because it isn’t true. Huzlers counts on the sharing of its over-the-top stories by readers who do not take the time to fact-check the site.

AriZona Tea itself has pointed out that the story is fake, as evidenced in this Facebook reply, in which they state, “…those rumors originated on a satirical website and are a blatant lie. You have nothing to worry about.” Or on Twitter, where they have fielded several questions about it:


The story that AriZona Tea contains human urine is false. It was created and distributed by the low-brow fake news website Huzlers.

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