Not True: Archaeologists Find Trojan Horse in Turkey

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A fake article from late September of 2014 is recirculating with claims that archaeologists in Turkey have found the remains of the fabled Trojan Horse.

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Not True

This editorial is one of a series of archaeologically themed frauds from satire site World News Daily Report. The fictional article reports that a team of Turkish archaeologist have discovered the remnants of the legendary Trojan Horse while excavating near the ancient city of Troy. Supposedly, the remains consisted of long wooden planks and a commemorative bronze plaque. False quotes confirming results of the fabricated find are provided from two archaeological professors (likely nonexistent) from Boston University. Some historical fluff is also included in attempts to make the article sound credible.

Archaeological Satire?

World News Daily Report seems fond of posting satire with an archaeological theme. Occasionally, these false archaeological/historical columns go viral. Recently, they published fake stories claiming that the tomb of Genghis Khan had been located and the remains of an ancient Egyptian army were discovered at a site in the Gulf of Suez thought to be the biblical Red Sea.

Past viral articles with an archaeological theme include claims that ruins of an ancient city were uncovered in the Australian desert and documents were found in the Vatican archives which purported to be an eyewitness account of a miracle by Jesus.

World News Daily Report

There has been a meteoric rise in fake news camouflaged as satire over the last two years. This is likely due to the fact that satirical websites have become profitable due to advertising aimed at the masses of people drawn to such sites as a viral story is transmitted. Ironically, these stories are frequently spread by multitudes of social media users who view the headlines and unwarily believe them to be truth.

Located somewhere on their site, all satirical publications post a disclaimer. The World News Daily Report disclaimer is accessible at the top of every page of their website. Visiting this disclaimer page lets visitors know that the site is satirical, and all their stories are fictional.


Turkish archaeologists have not found the remnants of the Trojan Horse. The article claiming this is a fake archaeologically themed commentary from a satire site called World News Daily Report.

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