Not True: Remains of Ancient Egyptian Army Found in Red Sea

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Implying findings from the Biblical Exodus, a fake article claims that the remains of an ancient Egyptian army has been found in the Red Sea.

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Not True

This fabricated article comes from fictional satire website World News Daily Report. The fictive feature claims that archaeologists in Egypt had discovered the remnants of hundreds of ancient Egyptian bodies at the bottom of the Gulf of Suez. Along with the remains, the imaginary write-up recounts the discovery of relics such as weapons, armor, and even a couple of chariots. It goes on to state that deaths appeared to have happened on dry land and were the result of a massive landslide or a giant sea wave.

The fake article seems to be implying that this discovery is proof of the narrative of the Biblical Exodus (Exodus 14:1-31) in which an Egyptian army is wiped out while chasing the “Children of Israel” through a tunnel which God opens up in the Red Sea.

Fake Historical Articles & Pictures

World News Daily Report is responsible for a series of fictional historical articles which may seem real to some people. Consider several of their fake historical/archaeological articles that Bad Satire Today has covered over the past two months:

World News Daily Report also repeatedly takes photographs from other places on the internet and reuses them in the context of their fictional articles. The second picture of the article, which claims to be an Egyptian sword found at the site, is actually a Wikipedia picture of an 18th century BC khopesh found in Nablus.

World News Daily Report

At the top of every World News Daily Report page, there is a ‘Disclaimer’ link. This disclaimer notifies readers that all articles on the site are fictional pieces of fake news which are intended as “political satire”.

Occasionally, these fake news writings will go viral when social media users share links to the headlines with friends while apparently failing to realize the fictional nature of the articles.

Bottom Line

Archaeologist have not discovered the remains of an ancient Egyptian army in the Red Sea which proves the Biblical Exodus. This is a fictional news article from a satire site called World News Daily Report.

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