Bad Satire Today

Over the last two years, it seems that a new strain of satire has become popular. It is often lacking in the humorous irony that is traditionally attributed to satire. Sometimes it may resort to luring traffic through scare tactics and sensationalizing current hot button issues. Hence, it is “bad” satire of poor or low quality.

To put this simply, the purpose and mission of Bad Satire Today is to expose viral fake news stories as “bad” satire. Another mission is to present an objective view of these false stories, one that is unbiased and refuses to take sides when issues are painted in black and white.

At times, we also cover good satire which we’ll point out as actually being humorous and meaningful. No matter how they are presented, though, satire sites are not reliable sources of information. The articles they spawn on a daily basis should not be confused with credible news.

Almost all satire websites have a disclaimer posted somewhere that identifies them as a satirical publication which creates fictional news. We urge all of our visitors to check sources.